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New Executive Director – Justin Carlisle

Transition within an organization is natural. Many times internal moves are cause for trepidation. However, when the organization is as tight knit as ours, it a cause for celebration. With that in mind, effective 22 OCT 2017 Justin Carlisle (veteran of Kilo Co.) took over from me as Executive Director of 38VFR. Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and inexhaustible energy that will power the nonpro [+]

New additions

We wanted to let you guys know that we are going through new and exciting changes at 38VFR. Everything from adding new team members to looking into producing new and exciting merchandise. Check back often to see more. As always, we appreciate your generous support. [+]


Media Release For Immediate Release 38VFR Partnership with the DAV Bolivar, Ohio – The 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Veterans of Fallujah and Ramadi or 38VFR is an Ohio-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping veterans and their families who are in need. We are also very determined in finding like-minded organizations and individuals to partner with to make the greatest impact possible in the v [+]

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

The Facts Concerning Retired Pay and VA Disability Compensation Military retired pay can be difficult to understand, regardless of the nature of your specific retirement. You may fall into one of several different categories; retired with 20 years or more of service, disability retired, or retired under the Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA). Along with this retirement payment, you also m [+]

Clarification of Nonprofit Identity

To our supporters, We are responsible for maintaining our operations and helping our brothers. To protect our ability to do this we are forced to address this issue publicly. One of our members resigned and is no longer a part of 3/8 Veterans of Fallujah and Ramadi. Our former colleague has started his own organization called “3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans” and alternatively “3rd Ba [+]

A Veteran’s Race to Recovery

“THAT’S RIGHT, KEEP RUNNING! RUN FROM YOUR PROBLEMS YOU FUCKING PUSSY!” Sounds harsh, right? Six months ago, I was standing on top of a picnic table in a park outside of Washington D.C. yelling this statement as Chris Vaughn ran by me. He gave a little head nod along with a whimsy smile, but that is about all he could muster. Chris was somewhere in the middle of a 50-mile ultra-marathon race [+]

A Note From The Board

We’re proud and excited to bring you the 3/8 Veterans of Fallujah & Ramadi website. If you should have any questions or suggestions while you’re here, feel free to send us a message: team@8VFR.org Semper Fi! [+]

2017 Kilo and Weapons Reunions

The last month has been an especially good one for the organization. During this time we were able to successfully orchestrate reunions for the veterans of Kilo and Weapons Companies who served in the 2005 and 2006 Iraq deployments. In early August veterans of Kilo Company descended upon the quiet shores of Lake Anna, Virginia for the second annual company reunion. Last year’s reunion in Myrtle [+]