Clarification of Nonprofit Identity

To our supporters,We are responsible for maintaining our operations and helping our brothers. To protect our ability to do this we are forced to address this issue publicly. One of our members resigned and is no longer a part of 3/8 Veterans of Fallujah and Ramadi. Our former colleague has started his own organization called "3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans" and alternatively "3rd Battalion 8th Marines Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans." When this individual created a FaceBook page for his organization he took our mission statement and made his nearly identical. While we wish him luck with this and any other future endeavors, we want to make clear that his new organization is not an extension, expansion, renaming, or in any way associated with 3/8 Veterans of Fallujah and Ramadi (38VFR). The time spent clearing up the confusion this causes unnecessarily takes focus away from our mission of helping veterans. We want to assure our supporters that we will tirelessly continue to do what’s right for our comrades in arms. To date we have fielded every request for help and have not turned away a single person. That is the truest measure of success for this nonprofit and its members. We appreciate the generous support you give to our brothers and apologize for the confusion that this has caused.

Thank you,

Team 38VFR