Our Board

Amarinder Grewal

Director of Operations

Amarinder is currently the Director of Operations. Amarinder is a first generation American born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. In 2004, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Mortarman with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines. He has deployed to two combat deployments

Donnie Briere

Director of Communications

Donnie Briere is from a small town in Northeastern Connecticut. After graduating high school, Donnie was working two jobs, after a few months he finally decided to do something he had always thought about doing, enlisting into the military. In November of 2003, Donnie enlisted into the United Sta

Justin Carlisle


Justin Carlisle joined the United States Marine Corps from New Philadelphia, Ohio after attending Indian Valley High School. He served as an 0341 Mortarman in 3rd Battalion 8th Marine Infantry Regiment Kilo Company from 2004 to 2008. He has two combat deployments to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freed

Marc Zeigler

Director of Finance/CFO

Marc is on the board of trustees. He has a long family history of military service. His great-grandfather was enlisted in the Army for WWII and his grandfather enlisted as a mechanic for the Air force in the 1950’s. He and 2 of his brothers are Marines. Marc graduated high school in New Philadelphia

Nick West


Nick West graduated from Beech Senior High School located in Hendersonville, Tennessee in 2003 and joined the Marine Corps in 2004. His MOS was 0341 Infantry Mortarman and he was assigned to 3rd Battalion 8th Marines Weapons Company from 2004 to 2008. During his time in 3/8 he deployed to Fallujah,

Our Advisors

Anthony Rusciano

Advisor - Communications

Anthony Rusciano served with 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines from 2004-2007 as an 0311 rifleman with Lima Company. During his service, Anthony served on 3 separate deployments. Anthony currently lives with his wife in Boston, Massachusetts where he recently completed a degree in Fire Science Technology.

Chris Vaughn

Advisor - Hardship and Fundraising

Chris served with Kilo Company 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines as a Rifleman. He participated in two combat tours of overseas duty in Iraq in the Fallujah and Ramadi areas of operations. Like many transitioning veterans, Chris struggled for some years after my service from which he has rebounded successf

Graham Platner

Advisor - Hardship Team

Graham Platner served as an 0331 Machinegunner with 3rd Battalion 8th Marines from 2004-2008, during which time he participated in three deployments. He later switched to the United States Army where he served as a Long Range Surveillance Team Leader with 1-158th Cavalry. From 2010-2011 he served as

Nick Santoro

Advisor - Communications

Nicholas Santoro has distinguished himself in personnel, operations, marketing and project management, via a variety of leadership roles in which he has excelled, while serving in the United States Marine Corps and as co-founder of Personal Property Managers. Nick brings integrity, focus and an atte

Toby Bryant

Advisor - Finance

Toby Bryant was born and raised in Belfast, Maine. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2004 and served as a 0341 Mortarman in 3rd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment, India Company. He deployed to Fallujah in 2005, Ramadi in 2006 and on the MEU in 2007. In 2008 he re-enlisted and was sent to Parri